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When I was on yet another birthday party and someone started talking about rheumatic diseases, I made sure I got out of that group and moved to another group of people I knew. They were making jokes and the atmosphere was much more relaxed. It's sometimes nice to discuss health topics, but sometimes (like that time) I just want to relax and have a laugh. Well I did. We had great fun and we stayed at the party until way after two at night. I guess we ate and drunk a bit too much, but it was nearby, so we ...

No winners yet

It is almost half time and soon bedtime for our two boys. They could stay up the first 45 minutes. The score so far is 1-1. My kids are thinking it is pretty cool that they could watch this game. They are both sure that they will play for the Dutch team within a few years. And I hope it too; in that case and don't have to bother about my pension. My children still don't know which team may win. One of my sons said that it will probably the best if Holland wins because if Holland loos they ...